An inverter system is one of the most complex components needed in an independent energy system. It helps power up conventional AC appliances using its battery-based system through conventional home wiring.


Some of the benefits of an inverter system are listed below, but not limited to the following:

The inverter system power home AC appliances through its DC battery-based power system at any voltage.
The inverter system is very efficient with high power conversion due to its voltage synchronization that results in little or no power loss or dissipated.
Theft and crimes doesn’t just occur when customers or member of public pocket goods, a lot of time, it’s the employee themselves who are stealing from the business. if the staff knows that theyre been watched, it will make this far less likely.
The inverter system has an extremely low maintenance cost and very long life span and thus reduces the need for spending more money on the system.
CCTV cameras mounted over the front door enables one recognize who is at the door even before answering the door, thus preventing any armed robber or assailants trying to cause havoc by gaining access into the residence.
The system has an automatic short-down circuit that cuts off power output once the system power rating is exceeded and thus prevents the damaging of the unit.