Access control system installed in any organization helps provide continuous surveillance and management of personnel’s’ access in areas where certain clearance level is required. It also helps prevent equipment theft, intrusion and sabotage.


Some of the benefits of a modern day access control system are listed below, but not limited to the following:

Access control system helps supply data in a format that is readily compatible with payroll packages and thus prevents the need for the tedious and error-prone process of entering staffs attendance data manually.
Access control system helps limit access to specific area and thus ensuring that only authorized staffs can enter into the area. It also helps keep an account of the time of day and day of week the doors were opened and thus preventing any staff from entering the area when he/she is not meant to have access to. The system also helps identify which staff had access to what specific area at any point in time.
Access control system has the ability to monitor all doors from a central location and thus helps check the staff attendance, monitor staff activities, allow access to only authorized staffs, bar any lost card and prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access.
Access Control system helps eliminate the need to worry about tracking who has the keys to doors, it also prevents the need for changing the key lock in case of a lost key, the system helps salvage a lost card issue by simply removing the lost card details from the data base of the access control system.
Access control system makes key duplication very difficult, and thus makes your organization very secure.
The problem of doors being accidentally left unlocked is completely eliminated with the access control system properly installed, as the system automatically shuts the door if left unlocked unknowingly.